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My-Dream Drive is een cloud opslag voor al jouw bestanden.
  • My-Dream Drive synchronises all your files in the cloud. So your data is always available, wherever you are!
  • Easily share your files and folders with others.
  • Return to an older version or restore a file that someone accidentally deleted.
  • Share your storage space within your company or with friends and family.
  • Extremely advantageous prices
    • From €0.0045 / GB / month
    • Need less or more storage space? No problem, you only pay for what you actually use!
  • My-Dream Drive uses the Open Source platform Nextcloud:
  • Discover all the features

Why use a cloud storage service?

Thanks to a cloud storage service, all your data can be accessed from anywhere. So you always have all your important data or precious photos to hand. Moreover, a solid cloud storage service also provides the necessary backups, so you never lose your data again. Your peace of mind is worth its weight in gold!

Moreover, with a cloud storage service, you can easily share files with others and collaborate.

Why choose My-Dream Drive?

My-Dream Drive has many advantages:

  • My-Dream Drive offers a free trial period with no limitation on functionality.
  • My-Dream Drive guarantees your privacy and is entirely based in Europe. Your data will never be used by us, shared with others or used for advertising purposes. Especially with free alternatives and/or with organisation outside Europe (including America), this is often not the case.
  • My-Dream Drive uses Nextcloud to offer you a modern cloud storage service at very favourable prices.
  • With My-Dream Drive, you only pay for what you actually consume and at fair prices. With other players, you are usually required to purchase certain packages, of which you then often only consume a fraction. With My-Dream Drive, you always get the cheapest rate based on your consumption.
  • You can share My-Dream Drive with an unlimited number of users at no extra cost. You only pay for what you consume together.

Does My-Dream Drive offer a free version?

No, but we do offer a free trial period with no feature limitation. Other players sometimes offer a lifetime free version with a limited amount of storage. However, the disadvantage of this is that they often sell your data for advertising purposes and once you need more than what the free version offers, you will have to pay a relatively high amount because you will have to contribute to what some get "for free". Free does not exist!

Why is My-Dream Drive cheaper than the competition?

My-Dreams values fair prices. Our aim is not to pay out as much money as possible to shareholders or management, but rather to offer everyone a decent service. Because we use open source software, we can do this at very favourable prices.

Moreover, you only pay for what you actually consume, so you never pay for "air". This yields the following comparison with the three big players Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox (free versions are not included in the comparison for privacy reasons):

Vergelijking My-Dreams Drive met Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive en Dropbox.

Looking at the additional cost of the big players compared to My-Dream Drive, we see that they are often more than double to even more than 10x as expensive:

Vergelijking My-Dreams Drive met Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive en Dropbox.

Moreover, additional users are free with My-Dream Drive. Big players often make big (usurious?) profits by charging a fee per user.

Why choose My-Dream Drive instead of your own Nextcloud server?

My-Dream Drive takes many worries off your hands:

  • You do not need to purchase and maintain your own server.
  • Renting a virtual server in the cloud is often more expensive than My-Dream Drive.
  • With My-Dream Drive, you automatically stay up-to-date.
  • My-Dream Drive is part of the wider My-Dream Cloud, allowing you to save significantly on user management.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge of Nextcloud.
  • We contribute to the development of Nextcloud.

Isn't an in-house NAS drive more economical?

If you need to store exactly 1TB, probably yes, but nobody needs to store exactly 1TB. You probably now buy a disk (or 2 disks for RAID) of 1TB, while you currently consume e.g. only 100GB. In that case, you are paying 10x too much. Once you outgrow the 1TB, you're faced with the same problem again. Another 1TB disk or a 5TB one right away? Again, you will pay for many unused GBs.

What if a drive breaks down? Do you have enough technical knowledge to fix everything then?

What if a virus encrypts your disk or your disk is stolen? Have you taken enough backups then?

Do you have enough knowledge to make your NAS drive accessible from the internet? Is access to your home network properly secured?

What if there is a bug in Nextcloud? Do you have enough knowledge to contribute to its development to solve the problem quickly and appropriately?

Conclusion: My-Dream Drive optimises disk usage, provides the necessary safety nets and handles the technical hassle, so you can enjoy decent storage at economical prices without worries.

Can I become a partner of My-Dreams?

Yes, you can! Both bloggers and ICT specialists can become partners. Contact us for more information on the benefits you can enjoy.