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Simple management Powerful Fair pricing
Bel waar en hoe u wilt. Smartphone app (Android, iOS), desktop softphone (Windows, mac, unix), hardphone (klassiek telefoontoestel).
  • Call where and how you want. Smartphone app (Android, iOS), desktop softphone (Windows, mac, unix), hardphone (classic phone), call forwarding to mobile, 4G, WiFi, ...
  • My-Dreams VoIP is compatible with any SIP phone
  • Start a phone call directly from your computer: no extravagant (pricey) phone needed, fast and error-free dialing!
Een duidelijk overzicht van al uw gesprekken, zowel geaggregeerd, grafisch als in detail raadpleegbaar.
  • Only pay for what you consume = Cheaper
  • Unlimited number of users, at no extra cost
  • A clear overview of all your calls, whether aggregated, graphically or in detail.
Gedegen en flexibele telefooncentrale in the cloud via state-of-the-art software en betrouwbare partners.
  • Sound and flexible telephone exchange in the cloud via state-of-the-art software and reliable partners.
  • Thanks to the use of Open Source software, you pay an attractive price, without sacrificing functionality.
  • Thanks to the modular structure, you can make your own choices and avoid unnecessary (switching) costs: Your own phones? Choose your own SIP provider? Or rather everything included? The choice is yours!
Volg live alle telefoongesprekken op
  • Monitor all phone calls live
  • Synchronisation with external platforms (such as your school platform or administration package) avoids unnecessary entries or additional password management. Still prefer manual entry? No problem!
  • Caller Display is linked to your global phonebook, so you immediately know who is calling.
  • Simplify your management with groups
Uw belplan is volledig zelf instelbaar, met alle functionaliteiten die je van een telefooncentrale mag verwachten.
  • Fully customisable call plan, with all the functionality you would expect from a switchboard (call queues, IVR or selection menus, call forwarding, etc.). Anything missing? Contact us!
  • Determine who is allowed to call which (international) numbers: avoid expensive call charges
  • Personal contact
  • Fast and adequate answers to all your questions.
  • Needtailor-made functionality? Discuss it and your dreams will come true.
  • Advanced monitoring to quickly locate the origin of any malfunction or misconfiguration.
  • Convinced? Become an ambassador and decorate nice discounts.

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Cost (per user): From € 3,00/month excluding VAT
Excl. external call charges (free provider choice)

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